Admitted Student Checklist

Congratulations on Your 入学

本网站适用于已被新大录取的学生. 复习并完成下面列出的步骤,为你的第一学期做好准备. If you need help or have questions, contact an admission staff member 寻求帮助.

1. Set up your ND University System and 野牛登录 accounts

If you haven’t already done so, set up your ND University System (Campus Connection) account 和你的 野牛登录. To set up these accounts, you’ll need your student ID number, which was included in your admission letter. 

2. 乐虎集团 for financial aid and scholarships

NDSU 80%的学生获得超过1.2亿美元的联邦补助, 状态, private and institutional financial aid. 我们鼓励所有学生申请经济援助和奖学金.

Financial Aid priority deadline
We’ve extended the FAFSA priority deadline to March 1. To apply for federal student aid, 填写联邦学生援助免费申请表格(FAFSA) / fafsa. 而NDSU的FAFSA优先截止日期是3月1日,以确保您尽早收到奖励通知, it can be submitted at any time. Once the FAFSA form has been submitted, 你的经济援助录取通知书将在5月开始寄给你. 在3月1日之后提交FAFSA的学生将继续获得奖学金.

First-Year Student scholarships
我们已经修改了我们的奖学金截止日期,以解释FAFSA申请的延迟可用性. NDSU will accept scholarship applications through March 1, 2024. 奖学金录取通知书将以滚动方式发送,大多数录取通知书将在5月份发送. More information on first-year scholarships can be found 在线这里

所有奖学金获得者必须通过登录网站正式接受或拒绝奖学金 NDSU Scholarship Portal 6月1日前.

Transfer Student scholarships
申请奖学金的截止日期是2024年4月1日,适用于秋季转学生. Scholarship offers are sent in mid-April. More information on transfer scholarships can be found 在线这里.

Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver
申请文化多样性学费减免的截止日期是2024年4月1日. 考虑到这一点,申请人还必须在2024年3月15日之前提交没有错误的FAFSA.

3. Make housing selections

所有高中毕业一年内入学的一年级学生和转学生, are guaranteed housing through our On-Campus Living Requirement. Other transfer students may elect to live on campus, and have several housing options from which to choose. You must apply for housing to receive an assigned hall and room. 访问 居住生活’s website 申请及查询有关选择室友的最新资讯, room assignments and the move-in process. 

4. Make it official - Commit to NDSU

如果您计划参加NDSU,请查看您的电子邮件和邮件以获取有关如何正式通知我们的其他信息. Excited to share your plans now? 下载下面最新的社交媒体图表,与你的朋友和家人分享.

Deadlines to make it official:

  • First-Year Students: June 1 (extended from 5月1日)
  • Transfer Students: 8月1日 

5. Prepare for Class Registration and On-Campus Orientation

Once you make it official by committing to NDSU (step 4), 完成以下列出的所需预注册步骤,为班级注册和定向做准备. 点击下面的相应链接,了解如何完成这些步骤:

First-Year Students

Transfer Students

6. Connect with your counselor

Your admission counselor is here to assist you through every step. Connect with your counselor to ask questions or review your next steps to becoming a Bison. 

7. Have your final document(s) sent to NDSU

Final Transcripts

First-Year Students
所有一年级学生必须让他们的高中发送正式的高中成绩单,包括所有最终成绩和毕业日期到NDSU no later than July 1. 正式的大学成绩单也必须在7月1日之前直接从学院或大学寄出, showing all final grades. This includes any PSEO, 双重信用, 或大学在学校(CIS)课程在高中期间尝试. 未能提供所有最终成绩单将对班级注册和经济援助支付产生负面影响. 

Transfer Students
所有转学生必须在8月1日之前让他们的学院发送官方成绩单,显示所有最终成绩或正在进行的课程. 成绩单必须是正式的,并直接从每个颁发机构发送. 未能提供所有最终成绩单将对班级注册和经济援助支付产生负面影响. 

ACT/SAT Test Scores
While ACT/SAT scores are not required for admission, 新州立大学仍然会考虑数学和英语课程的考试成绩. 另外, 根据自我报告的考试成绩获得奖学金的学生需要在2月1日之前向NDSU提交正式的ACT/SAT成绩. 

Advanced Placement (AP) Scores
To receive college credit or placement for AP exams, AP成绩报告应直接从大学理事会发送到NDSU. To order AP score reports, visit The code for NDSU is 6474. 

Learn more about how to send your final documents here.

8. Submit your immunization records

NDSU对入学学生有接种MMR和ACWY脑膜炎疫苗的要求. All documentation must be sent to Student Health Service. More information on these requirements can be found on the Student Health Service website 包括如何提交你的记录和寻找你的记录的资源. 请注意,根据以下规定,本政策有一些豁免 SBHE Policy 506.1, such as students enrolling in online-only programs. To see if you qualify for an exemption, 请致电701-231-7331或电邮至


  • 秋季学期: 8月1日
  • Spring Semester: 1月1日
  • Summer Semester: 5月1日

9. Complete a Minnesota reciprocity application

Minnesota residents may qualify for a reduced tuition rate. Students are eligible for tuition comparable to resident tuition. 从明尼苏达州高中毕业并在12个月内注册NDSU的学生自动获得互惠资格. No paperwork is necessary. 如果你计划在高中毕业后参加NDSU超过12个月, through the MN Office of Higher Education. 如果你是在家上学的,或者你是转学生,你也应该申请.

Why Choose NDSU?

When I toured campus, I fell in love with how pretty it is. 我可以看到自己在NDSU结交朋友,加入俱乐部,成长为一个人.

My experience at NDSU has been amazing. 我参加了一些组织,这些组织帮助我结交了很多新朋友和新关系. 它让校园看起来更小了,而且很高兴遇到熟悉的面孔.


我对新生的建议是,在新苏之旅的开始,尽可能多地结识新朋友. 我学会了更多地社交,过了一段时间,结识新朋友变得更容易了.

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